Friday, 18 August 2017

Epic Project Life USA Trip Part 4

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Part 4 of me sharing my documentation of our recent trip to the USA. 

If you missed any of the previous posts you can fine Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE.

I've been doing them in stages as not only was the creation of the project massive, but photographing and blog posting are too!!

So....on with the sharing.

This first spread is about a few days spend with Aunty Ebony and family and all the amazing things we did with them - pumpkin carving, natural indigo dyeing, a train trip into downtown Houston, some Geocaching, visit to the Museum of Natural Science and Houston's Art Museum, some lovely walks and lots of connecting.....

Here's a look at the left side:

So much glare from the plastic, so here's another angle...

And the right side:

Sorry about the glare
I added in an extra page.  I love the different sizes, and how this creates extra interest when flipping through the album.

I added lots of extra photos using my trick with washi tape to  create a hinge so I can add in journaling and photos without taking up extra pockets.

The back side of this extra page contains a pocket to hold tickets.

I use these little washi hinged lift ups all the time.

The next spread is all about our sporting experiences. 

We were so lucky to get to an NBA game and an NFL iconic of America, and such amazing experiences.  We even got to experience 'tailgating' before the football game.  Soooo good.

So I went with the colours of the teams.
Here's the left side:
 Sorry this is a little blurry.
This angle is a little clearer - not as much glare from the plastic sleeves.
And the right side:

 Again this is a better angle to reduce the glare.

Such amazing experiences!!  Both games were so close. So much excitement. 
I'm so thrilled I have documented these memories.
I again included a smaller page insert allowing me to add more photos.
 I also added some of my washi hinged 'lift ups' to allow even more photos and journaling.
This shows  the back of the insert.
 I added an envelope to hold my tickets to the games.
Yep just a regular stationary envelope - I punched holes down the side and added it directly in.
I embellished the front with a pocket to hold our basketball tickets and I put the tickets to the football inside the envelope.
Love that you can take them out and look at them.
 More washi hinged 'lift ups'.
So that's it for this round....I'll be back with more to share soon!!
Hope you are enjoying these posts.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Second 2 Crafty Chipboard share....

Hi there scrappy friends
My second layout for 2 Crafty Chipboard this month is titled:


A layout about love and laying on the grass watching the clouds go by......
I wish everyday could be like this.

I used the following 2 Crafty Chipboard:
"Fine Word Set 1"
"Grid Bits"
"Mini Branches"
"Messy Squares"

I applied white gesso to the "Messy Squares" and the "Mini Branches".

I also applied white gesso to the "Grid Bits", and then added some watercolours in a peach colour. 

I really like the variegated colour that watercolour brings, rather than the usual bold style I tend to gravitate to.

 I painted the 'forever' from the "Fine Words Set 1" in black paint.
I love how this contrasts with the softer corals and also highlights the background.

This photo has been in my 'to scrap' pile for a while nice to finally scrap it!!!

I really love the coral and turquoise together and how they pop against the black.
I love the little word strips scattered throughout - they are 7dots ones that I got from Scrap Matrix, my favourite place to buy my scrappy supplies. So many yummy goodies!
Hope I've inspired you to get creating......

See you again soon!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Epic Project Life USA trip Part Three...

Hi all

Back to share a few more Project Life spreads from our trip to America last year.

I've already shared Part One HERE and Part Two HERE.

Today I'm sharing a spread detailing a family wedding (the real reason this trip happened) and a spread that details a few days spent at Uncle Brady's.

So let's start with the wedding....such an amazing day, the details were just gorgeous.  They certainly pulled off this 'backyard wedding' with finesse, the attention to detail made all of us guests feel so honoured to be there and that we were a part of something really special.

When I plan and print my photos I usually let the colours in the photos dictate my colour scheme. This works really well for weddings! As this was an indigo inspired wedding, I went with Navy, woodgrain and some splashes of pinks and peaches.

Here's the left side:

You might be able to spot a book I created for the beautiful's a guest book where people wrote messages of love, support and memories.

I was thrilled to be asked to create it and it was so much fun to make.  I must do a blog post about it one of these days.

The right hand side:

You will notice I've included the invitation - I simply punched holes down one side and added it directly.

I also included the thankyou note from the beautiful bride and groom....I just stuck the back of it in a pocket and let the front sit outside the pocket, creating a cool lift up.

I also created my own 'lift-ups' by adding photos with washi tape and popping it in the pockets the same way as the thankyou -you can add as many photos as you like - it kinda makes a little mini book and you just adhere the last page in and let the remainder sit on top of the pocket.

I love how it allows me to add extra photos and even journaling without using up more pockets!!

So the next spread is all about a wonderful few days we spend with Uncle Brady and his family....

We did so many fun things whilst we were there - we visited NASA, we celebrated our nephew's first birthday, went to Galveston, just to name a few.

Here's the left side:

We did so much that I didn't have enough pockets so I added in an insert from a 6x8 album.
I like the different sizes and the interest this creates.

I created some hinged bits for extra journaling and photos, just using some washi tape to join them to the pockets.

I included the invitation to my nephew's party.  I just punched holes in  it and added it directly.

So cute....he had a 'Hungry Caterpillar' party.  Everything was amazing and you may have guessed that this is where I got my colour scheme from.

I attached a pocket to the back of the invite and added tickets from a Rollercoaster ride we went on at Kemah Boardwalk.

I love including all these items that you collect along the way.

I also added in an envelope to hold our maps from NASA.

I just used an ordinary stationary envelope and prettied it up with another pocket to hold our NASA tickets and a postcard I purchased.

I like to be able to take out the maps and look at them so an envelope allows this to happen and also prevents me from putting holes in my maps. Win Win.

Here's a look at the right hand side, once all the extra little bits have been turned over.

Again I created my own 'hinged bits' with washi tape so I could include more photos and more stories.

So many wonderful memories captured forever.

I'll be back soon with the next stage.


Project Life Epic USA trip Part 2

Hi everyone

So I'm back to share some more of my Project Life - documenting our trip to the USA last year.

I'm doing it in stages as it's such an epic project, and even the photographing and blogging takes time.

My last post (the first one) featured our time in Disneyland....truly the most magical place on earth. You can read about that HERE.

This time I'm showing the next two double spreads....LEGOLAND and

So first up....LEGOLAND

I used mainly bright colours and basically got the inspiration from the colours of Lego.

Here's the left side:

As we were there around Halloween time I included some pumpkin paper too.

Here's the right side:

Sorry for the blur.....the glare on the plastic sleeves.  Grrrr

I again included an envelope which I reinforced with cardstock and added holes to it.  This is a place to store our maps.  I really wanted to be to take out our maps from time to time and look at them. So this method works well.  It also prevents having to put holes directly into the maps. I just added a few decorations to the front (above).

Again I added lots of extra photos using my trick with washi tape to  create a hinge so I can add in journaling and photos without taking up extra pockets.
LEGOLAND really was fun.  
Lots of great rides and rollercoasters (yep I love them!)
The lego sculptures scattered around the place were amazing!!  Absolutely blew my mind! 
We had read that this park was for under 10's - our kids at the time were 15, 13 and 12 - but we really wanted to do it as the youngest is a HUGE lego fan.  Always has been and I think always will be.
So we made this day happen and you know it was soooo worth it. 
I think suitable for ALL ages. Definitely.
Next up is a spread about landing in Texas....where our family lives and how lovely and emotional it was, and how we got to have some down time after a crazy first week!
I went with American colours and also added in some travel themed cards.
Here's the left side:
Again the glare.  Yuk!
And the right:
Again more hinged bits created with washi tape.

I love how these create interaction.

A few of you have asked how did you decide which photos to use?
I took 4,000 photos and ended up with approximately 400 in the album.
Firstly as I'd scrapped spreads in themes, rather than day by day (for example, Disneyland, LEGOLAND, Family, a wedding etc) I thought about the most important stories within these themes and selected a few photos to go with that.
The themes I have created a spread for are:
Disneyland x 3
Texas x 1
Family x 1
Family Wedding x 1
Few days spent with brother x 1
Few days spent with sister x1
Sports (we went to an NBA and NFL game whilst there)
Random stuff (things we thought were funny, our hire car - stuff like that)
Los Angeles x1
Universal Studios x1
Muscle Beach/Santa Monica x 1
Leaving x 1
I then thought about some 'iconic' shots from each theme, for example, at Disneyland meeting Mickey Mouse.  With these I selected just one. The best one.  Usually the one with all of us in it.  Each child often had a photo by themselves and then us altogether. So as much as I'd like to include them all, I limited myself to just choose one.
Although sometimes I selected a photo with a specific child in it if the story was more pertinent to them. For example, with the LEGOLAND picture out the front I selected the one with the child who adores Lego and was the most excited about this day.  In fact I have a great photo of us all throwing our hands up which I like more, but THIS day was for HIM so that photo tells the story better.
I also tried to put each person on a spread somewhere - so if I had a few photos of the same child - I would remove one or two and add in whichever child hadn't been featured yet.
It's really hard selecting photos. But throughout the process I would tell myself that it's better to just get it done, and that in 10 years I would be so glad for WHATEVER documentation I had done.
I hope this helps!!
I'll be back soon with some more spreads to share!